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We are experienced in a wide range of general engineering services including TIG/MIG welding, spot welding, sheet metal, structural and commercial storage solutions.

Design Process

CAD / CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) is the use of computer software to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimisation of a design which will provide the visual concept design of the finished product. Visual computer designs will represent the final product and how it will manoeuvre and function should there be any moving parts to the design. We use this method to enable our clients to perceive the outcomes of the final product design in a visual sense, which in turn allows us to collaborate with client’s ideas, thoughts and inspiration.

What sets Elite Steel Products apart is our proven expertise and knowledge to create unique designs. We have access to a wealth of local suppliers and source all of our material locally where possible. We are also able to manufacture large quantities of the products we design if our clients should require. Custom orders are our speciality and we hold an industry reputation for quality and unique designs.


We ship our products nationwide using a fast, efficient and reliable courier service and all costs are determined by the weight and dimensions per individual product.

Product Showcase


Vending machine mechanism


Carpet Stillage (Adelaide Entertainment Centre)


Bin Stillage (Adelaide Entertainment Centre)


School Science Lab Concept Model

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